3rd Party Integrations


3rd Party Code Options

You have several options for adding third-party or other external code to your Metro Publisher website:

HTML (& Widgets) Sprocket

3rd Party JavaScript or HTML Embed

3rd Party Integrations


Please note that we have a separate section on Ad Serving with Metro Publisher here: Ad Serving & Sales

As part of your advertising options, we also offer Sprockets for flexible ad placement on your website pages, including inline ads:

Google Ad Manager (GAM) Ad Sprocket

Broadstreet Ad Sprocket


Required Permissions for Integration Settings

Only users with the Owner or Admin role can activate and configure 3rd party integrations and embed 3rd party code in the site Header and Footer.

Owners, Admins and Editors can add custom code, e.g. widgets, to the media slot (via the "insert media" button) on content and as HTML Sprockets.


3rd Party Integrations

The following support articles can be found in the 3rd Party Integrations & Options section of this support site:


3rd Party Codes


3rd Party - General Apps


3rd Party - Analytics & Revenue


3rd Party - Social Media

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