Verifying Your Site with Pinterest


The process of creating a Pinterest business account requires that you to verify ownership of your site

Verify your site with a Meta Tag

Using this method, you simply have to add some very simple code to your sites header. 

  1. Go to Pinterest and get the met tag to verify your site with. Follow these instructions:

  2. Log into your work site as an admin

  3. Then go to Settings > HTML Embed

  4. Paste the meta tag from Pinterest into the field "Header HTML"

Verify your site with HTML

Using this method Pinterest will supply you with an HTML file that needs to be uploaded to your site. Metro Publisher does not allow you to upload HTML files, but there is another way to do it with Pages.

Here's how:

  1. Create a new Freeform HTML page in Pages. If you are unfamiliar with Pages, watch this overview video. Be sure to name the file EXACTLY the same thing as the HTML file provided by Pinterest. Also, do NOT assign it to a section. This will ensure that it is in the top level directory which is where Pinterest will be looking for it.

    For example: pinterest-b0fd2.html

  2. Now, open the HTML from Pinterest in any text editor and copy the contents. Then go into the Page you created in Metro Publisher. Switch to the view source mode and paste.
  3. Save

    That's it. You're done.



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