Open Street Maps


Metro Publisher makes extensive use of maps on Locations, Events, Reviews, and Roundups. There are two third party map services that you can choose from if you would like to have this feature enabled for your website.

If you are an existing client currently using Google Maps or a client who has not turned on the maps feature, you have the option to activate OpenStreetMaps. 

It's a great feature for your readers, free of charge, and can be activated with a single click.



How to activate Open Street Maps

To activate Open Street Maps:

  1. Log in to your Metro Publisher work site as an Admin.
  2. Then, go to Settings > 3rd Party > Maps.


  3. Click Settings for OpenStreetMap.
  4. Then, check the option to use OpenStreetMaps.

  5. Please also deactivate Google Maps by deleting your key from your Google Maps settings in Metro Publisher under Admin > Settings > Third Party > Google Maps if you currently have this service switched on
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