Frequently we receive requests for information about using popups for email list building, to promote subscriptions, or any variety of reasons. One service that is easy to use and allows flexibility is called WisePops

The service is not free, but according to, WisePops, they, "help marketers build intelligent website popups and exit popups that increase email signups and conversions."

Adding Wisepops to your Metro Publisher website can be done in two easy steps:

1. Get the Wisepops tracking code

Log in to your WisePops account and click on the button above that is labeled "Tracking Code." Copy that code.



2. Add tracking code to you Metro Publisher website

Next, log in to your Metro Publisher work site as an Admin. Then go to Settings > HTML Embed. Paste in the Wisepops tracking code you just copied. Then click "Save." That's it.



NOTE: Pasting in the WisePops tracking code allows for a connection to be made between your Metro Publisher website and your WisePops account. However, all the configuration options for individual pop-ups are managed via the WisePops dashboard.


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