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The HTML Sprocket allows HTML to be inserted for a variety of purposes. Insert your own code or use this to connect to 3rd party services. The HTML sprocket is useful for bringing in widgets for things such as Twitter, Weather Bug or Email sign-up forms.


HTML Sprocket Admin and Sample HTML Sprocket Sprocket

Sprocket Attributes

  1. HTML Content: In addition to basic HTML, you may paste in code for 3rd party services such as surveys, weather widgets or (in the example above) a newsletter sign-up form. The HTML sprocket has no intrinsic styling of its own. To customize the look and feel of an individual HTML sprocket, use inline styling in your HTML code here. To paste your HTML code, click on the 'Source' button at the top left of the HTML editor.

    Do not include DOCTYPE, HEAD, HTML,  TITLE, or BODY tags.

    Also, keep in mind that with repsonsive design the images used in this sprocket will need to adapt to the changes of size at different screen widths. If you use  images here, try to avoid hard widths and height in order to allow the images to adjust to screen width. For example, if you insert an image that is intended to be the full width of the sprocket, make the width "100%" and the height "auto." That will allow the image to resize proportionally as the sprocket changes width on different devices.

    NOTE: Use of this sprocket requires basic knowledge of HTML.

  2. Title: This is the sprocket title that is displayed in the admin. Name your sprocket something that is obvious and descriptive.
  3. Description: Descriptive text that appears only in the admin.
  4. Usage:  This field will indicate where the sprocket is placed within your public site.
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