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Add some design flair to your site using custom fonts from Adobe Fonts. It is easy to do and is a great way to increase the visual continuity of your publication with your website. 



Many publishers already have Adobe’s Creative Cloud which includes Adobe Fonts (formerly known as Typekit). So, this is a good opportunity to get more value out of your bundled Adobe services by adding some distinctive fonts to your Metro Publisher website. 

This is available to both Standard and Pro users.


1. Create Web Project in Adobe Fonts

The first thing you need to do is set up Adobe Fonts:

  1. Log in to Adobe Fonts.
  2. Then go to My Adobe Fonts.
  3. Click Web Projects
  4. Copy the Project ID.

2. Add Web Project ID to Your Website

Log in to the work site for your Metro Publisher website:

  1. Then, click Design Your Website.
  2. Then, Edit Current Design.
  3. Go to Fonts
  4. At the bottom, paste in the Adobe Project ID that you previously copied.
  5. Click Load and select the font.

Click Live Preview below to check your work. When you are satisfied, make sure to Publish. Once the cache clears you will see the custom font on your live site for all your headers.


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