OneSignal Web Push Notifications


Web push notifications are another way to communicate directly with your readers. OneSignal is a nice alternative to Roost. Our OneSignal supports both HTTP and HTTPS implementations. If you are using a mixed protocol of HTTP & HTTPS, you should use HTTP for your implementation.

Here's how to set up push notifications on your Metro Publisher using our integration.

  1. Login to your OneSignal dashboard.
  2. Add a New App, here are the highlights of the process
    • Give it a name
    • Select Website Push for Platform
    • Pick Safari or Firefox/Chrome (you can configure the other after)
    • Provide Site Name and Site URL
      **make sure to include the http:// or https:// as this is key information for the configuration
    • Select Website Push for your Target SDK
    • On the following screen, copy the App ID, you will need this to configure the SDK in Metro Publisher
  3. Open a new tab for Metro Publisher and go to the OneSignal page in 3rd Parties
  4. Paste in the App ID from OneSignal
  5. Return to the OneSignal tab. Finish the configuration by doing the Optional Test
  6. Click "Done"
  7. Configure the other browser(s)

OK! You're set it up. Now you can start playing around with push notifications!

NOTE: To date, IOS doesn't support web push notifications but it is in development. With luck, web push on iPhones will be coming soon.

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