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NOTE: As of April 2018, Google is discontinuing Google Site Search, the paid, ad-free version of Google CSE. Metro Publisher has therefore implemented our own native search engine for searches within your website.
For guidelines on how to opt in, please visit the following support article: Metro Publisher Native Search Tool.


For site wide searching, you can use Google's Custom Search Engine™ in Metro Publisher. To activate the search, you just need to get your unique Google Custom Search ID and paste it into Metro Publisher's corresponding 3rd Party settings page.

If you don't already have a CSE account, you can get one here:

If you have an account, here is how to set up the site search:

1. Create a New Search Engine with Google CSE

1. Log in to your Google CSE account and create a new CSE Search Engine. Be sure to add the URL for your website.



2. Go to "Edit search engine" then to "Look and feel" and select the layout labeled "Results only."



3. Go to "Setup" then click "Search engine ID." Copy your search engine ID.



2. Paste Code from Google into Your Metro Publisher Work Site.

  1. Log in to your Metro Publisher work site and switch to Admin role.
  2. Under "3rd Party," click on the Google Custom Search Engine, you'll see this one field
    • Paste your search engine ID into that field

Click Save and you're done. The search field show show up on your public site.

*The search results are based on what the Google spider has crawled on your site. There is sometimes a lag time between when something is published and when it appears in the search results. 

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