Embedding 3rd Party JavaScript or HTML

NOTE: There is a separate field in Metro Publisher for embedding Cookie Compliance / GDPR scripts. Please see the information below the video for details!


Video Overview

Within your site settings you have the option to insert customized code in the header or footer of your page templates. This is used primarily for inserting JavaScript for third party services.

To get to this page:

  1. Log in to your work site as an "Admin."
  2. Go to Settings > HTML Embed.

This video explains how it is used:


Embedding Cookie Consent & Other GDPR Scripts

Any GDPR compliance scripts should load before all other third-party code to ensure that third-party services not opted-into by your readers aren't run.

Therefore, Metro Publisher provides a separate field for you to enter such code which you can reach by navigating to Settings > General while logged in as Admin.


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