Serving Different Ad Types with Google Ad Manager (GAM)


Google Ad Manager Basics

Here are our support documents for Google Ad Manager (formerly DfP) with Metro Publisher:

In some cases, ad display issues on mobile devices require the following troubleshooting steps:


Ad Types

Google Ad Manager provides a variety of different ad types – out-of-page, HTML 5, expandable, etc. Those are typically set up within DFP.

Then, in Metro Publisher you can insert those by using an HTML Sprocket to add the custom code to any section where you'd like the ad to appear.

Or, if you want it to appear globally, you could insert the code into the header for your site. You can do that by logging in as an Admin and going to Settings > HTML Embed.

Here is some info about that the various creative types DFP offers:


Some of our clients have set up pop-ups for newsletters and advertisers. Here are two third party services that allow you to do that:

We have a support article on Wisepops here:


For video ads, we suggest your review the Google help section on videos here:

You will also find a link to third party services Google seems to recommend:

How to specifically create a video ad unit is described here:

Pre-roll and Post-roll video ads are also mentioned in the Google Ad Manager help documents.

Some clients are inserting ads between the 2nd and 3rd paragraph on some articles, for example, with a 3rd party service called Slimcut (, which provides a plug-and-play option. Please note that we aren't specifically familiar with that service.


We have an additional, helpful document about sponsored content here:

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