Metro Publisher standard accounts provide you with everything you need for successful management of your online publication.

We also provide additional upgrades to help you increase your digital revenue or allow you to customize your design in very specific ways, among other perks.

If you'd like to opt into an upgrade option, you can do so anytime by following the instructions here: Changing or Canceling Your Service


Directory Add-on

With our Directory Add-on at a price of $100 per month you can sell sponsored business listings that highlight those businesses via special features reserved only for them.

Please visit our explanatory help articles and tips for successful use of the Directory:

Pro Account

Our pricing for Pro Accounts is outlined along with an extensive list of tools, features, and resources here: Metro Publisher Service Plan Pricing

Some of those are:

  • Higher data transfer limits
  • Metro Publisher API access
  • Full access to CSS/JavaScript files for full customization and fine-tuning of your website design
  • Related links on Content
  • Additional Author Information on Content
  • QR Codes
  • Additional social media features

More detailed information about Pro Account perks is also available here: Pro Features



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