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Google News

Metro Publisher fulfills the technical requirements for publishers to submit their content to Google News.

Part of these requirements is the specific "news" sitemap, which you can find by following this path with your domain name:

More information about Metro Publisher sitemaps is available here: Locating Your XML Sitemaps

Should you wish to apply, please take a look at Google's guidelines here: Appearing in Google News

Google's help documentation on the process specifics begins here: Get started with Google News

Our help document on providing your site's RSS feeds for Google News is located here: RSS Feeds for Google News

Please note that Google states the following in its Google News guidelines:

Limit ads

Advertising and other paid promotional material on your pages should not exceed your content.

You have two options to exclude sponsored content from that sitemap by adding a do not follow command on the robots.txt file: Using Pages to Create a Custom Robots.txt File

1. Add do not follows for each article as a link

2. If all your sponsored content is in the same section, add a do not follow command for that section link.


NOTE: Modifying your robots.txt file is an advanced feature to be performed with great care. We suggest you create a hidden section and use that RSS feed as your Google news channel. 



Apple News

In August 2022, we released a new feature allowing you to submit content in the Apple News Format. Please visit our help document for more information: Apple News Format (ANF) files to upload in Apple News Publisher

Publishing to Apple News is no longer possible via your RSS feeds, unfortunately.

Please note that Apple will have to approve your publication before you can submit content to them. They are being rather selective about the clients they want accept.

Which pieces of content are actually published on Apple News once you are approved as a site is at Apple's discretion. We create the means for you to add content but it is Apple's platform and Apple then interfaces directly with each publisher in the process of approving new applicants and onboarding you.


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