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Some publishers wish to be included in Google News, which can be accomplished with by submitting RSS feeds. Please be aware that selection of stories by Google is a bit of a black box, since it is based on algorithms: How Google News stories are selected

Ranking for Google News is based on an algorithm as well: Ranking within Google News

Here are Google's suggestions for making your articles easier to find by its crawlers: Best practices for your article pages. Please note that the Metro Publisher CMS already includes structured data markup.

For more information on Google News, please visit the support documentation here: Google News Publisher Help Center


In Metro Publisher, Google News feeds are automatically created in order for Google News to read the content on your site. The "news" sitemap link for Google to read is in your robots.txt file:

You will see the links to your XML there:

User-agent: *


Metro Publisher automatically creates RSS for all sections, subsections, and tags.

For example:


There will be an RSS icon on the top right of the section, which opens an RSS page with this path:

The URL structure for those feeds is easy. Just add "/index.rss" to the end of any section or subsection:


You have the option to create a hidden section and use that RSS feed for Google (or Apple) News. This is especially useful, if you do not want all stories submitted.



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