Verifying your Site for Google AdSense


When you create an Adsense account, Google will ask you to paste meta data into the HTML Header on your site, or publish an ads.txt file as verification. 

Google's outline of the process is here: Code implementation guide: Get and copy the AdSense code

We recommend using the header method as verification for a faster process.



Here are the steps to follow:

  • Sign in to your AdSense account.
  • Click Ads.
  • Click Get code.
  • Click Copy code snippet.
  • Go to Metro Publisher work site.
  • Log in as Admin
  • Navigate to Settings > HTML Embed
  • Paste the meta data code string in the Header HTML field, preferably as the first line. If you have other 3rd party code in the field, you can move it down by clicking at the start of the line and hitting Enter.


  • After pasting, click Save at the bottom of the page. 
  • Go back to your AdSense account and click the I've placed the code checkbox
  • Click Next for further information/instruction.

Creating an ads.txt file can also be used for verification, but usually takes longer to get a result. You will, however, need it for such uses as programmatic ads.

To create an ads.txt file, you would need to create a new Pages page as described here:Pages Overview

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. As an Editor, go to Pages.
  2. Click Add, and select TXT as your new file type
  3. Make sure you enter ads.txt as the file name and don't assign it to a section to keep it at the root level
  4. Paste the text (string/characters provided by the AdSense according to their instructions) in the Content field.
  5. Save and Publish
  6. Visit the URL before you let Google know it is available by activating the I have published the ads.txt file checkbox in your AdSense account dashboard.

NOTE: It may take a few days for AdSense to automatically crawl and verify your ads.txt file.

From experience, it can take up to a few weeks if you are starting a new site.

It basically works the same way as verifying your site for Pinterest. See the "Verify With HTML" section of this article: Verifying your Site with Pinterest

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