User-submitted Events


Your readers can submit Events to your site, which you can then review and decide to include in your calendars.

The link for User-submitted Events is displayed at the bottom of Event Calendar Sprockets.

You can choose whether to enable or hide this link in the Content Settings for your site under Admin > Settings > Content.

sample daily calendar sprocket

The submission form requires that the user select an Event Category from your list of Tag Categories to be included in the uploaded Event information.

NOTE: For the drop-down menu of Event Categories to display, you must have Event Categories in your system that are connected to an Event Search.

With this connection, Metro Publisher can distinguish Event Categories from other Tag Categories in your system. This ensures that only Event Categories are displayed in the User-submitted Events form.

The default text for successful Event submission on the User-submitted Events form can be customized under Admin > Settings > Default Texts.

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