There are a several places within Metro Publisher that make use of maps. Here you can set the default starting point for any features you will use that utilize maps, like location and event searches.

For example, if your content largely centers around a particular city or region, then you should set this map to encompass that area. 

This setting can be configured here: Admin > Settings > Geolocation.

NOTE: You will need to activate your site's Google API Key in order for your maps to load: Admin > Settings > 3rd Party > Google API. You can do so by following the "Get Started" button at the top right of this page: Google Maps JavaScript API

Please review our support document on the Google Maps API, which outlines the credit card requirement, first: Google Maps API in Metro Publisher


 For full screen viewing, click the expand icon in the video player.




  1. Country: Select the country

  2. State: Select the state or province

  3. City: Type in the name of the city closest to the center of your region.

  4. Map Zoom Level: You can adjust the map zoom level manually.


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