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Metro Publisher makes extensive use of maps and map based location searches that enable publishers to highlight local events and businesses. These videos provide a general overview of how to set-up locations, location searches and location search sprockets.

For information on how to create an article that contains a map and an ordered list of locations (such as "The Best Burgers in Town" or a popular tourist route in your city), please read the following guide: Location Roundups 



Part 1: Locations

Locations and location pages are the basis of all the map based features found in Metro Publisher. This document will explain how create a new location and why it is important to input all the information properly.

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Part 2: Location Searches

Locations searches allow you to create map searches of specific locations types from your database. For example, you may want provide your readers with a way to search bars and restaurants. If you are a free publication, you may want to create a location search that displays all of the locations or businesses that carry your magazine. With location searches, you can do this.

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Part 3: Quicklinks & Map Zones

Quick links are groupings of Map Zones. By adding quick links to your location search, you provide a quick way for your visitors zoom into various Map Zones. 

NOTE: For Quick Links to appear on Location and/or Event Searches you MUST check the 'Limit Search to Map' box at the bottom of your Search editing page in Admin.



Part 4: Search Groups 

Search Groups allow your users to toggle between various search pages. A search group is displayed as a dropdown menu on your "Listing-only" and Location Search pages.

A "Listings-only" or Location Search can be assigned to only one Search Group but may be moved as needed.



Part 5: Location Search Sprockets


The Location Search Sprocket links to your existing location searches. It can be configured to search any or all of your location searches.

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