Linking to Location Searches


NOTE: Please refer to our overview document on Locations, Location Searches, and the Location Search Sprocket for any initial questions about Location Searches: Locations Overview.


There are two ways to link to Locations Searches:

  • Location Search Sprockets
  • Linking Directly to the Location Search Page

You can also link to pre-filtered Location Searches which is an incredibly user-friendly and flexible tool to serve your reader's needs.

Location Search Sprockets

Location Search Sprockets can be configured to automatically link to any or all of the Location Search pages you created. To find out how to use these Sprockets, read the Location Search Sprocket document.

Setting up a Section or Subsection to take the user to a Location Search

  1. Log in as an Editor.
  2. Copy the Relative URL from the Location Search page.
  3. Log in as Admin.
  4. Go to Sections and create your new Section or Subsection, and name it after the search you just created.
  5. The URL name and Relative URL fields on your new section will auto-fill in accordance with the Section/Subsection name. You can leave that as is so that if you ever change the External URL again (see 6.), your Section will still have a URL.
  6. Paste the Relative URL that you copied from the Location Search into the External URL field: Example: "/search/location/location-search-name/"

    NOTE: Should you wish to display your Locations alphabetically on the initial page load, you can do so by linking to your Location/Listings Search with the following path instead of the default:

NOTE: With that Relative URL, you can link from Sprockets and Content directly.


Pre-filtered Location Searches

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