Apple News Format (ANF)


For many years Apple News accepted submissions via RSS feed, but more recently it is providing better service when content is submitted in its ANF format. This format is available as a download  option for any article in Metro Publisher. Following a few simple steps, you can take advantage of the better features and revenue opportunities that submitting content to Apple in ANF provides.

To find out how to apply to become an Apple News publisher, please visit Apple's website where there is more information for publishers.


Get Started - in Metro Publisher:

  1. Go to Settings tab in Admin role, under 3rd Party find and activate Apple News
  2. Return to Editor role and go to the Content tab
  3. Select an article to edit
  4. In the Edit page for your article, you will see an option available in the right column, "Download Apple News Format"
  5. Click this button to generate a ZIP that contains the ANF file and any images or videos found in the file
  6. Unzip the file, which should create a folder with a JSON file and any additional images or media

Upload your content - in Apple News

  1. Log into iCloud to access your News Publisher account
  2. In you haven't already, you can set up magazine sections in your publication
  3. Select the section you'd like to add content to and in that section click on "Upload Content"
  4. Go to your folder and select all the contents in the folder for the article you're uploading, then click "Upload"
  5. You will see a new article added to your Draft Articles
  6. Once you're done adding all the content, you can click Submit
  7. After Apple has approved your new content will be available to readers on Apple News

* Please note that your content will render differently in Apple News than in Metro Publisher.

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