Shopify Sprocket


Use this sprocket to display products from your Shopify collections directly on your Metro Publisher website.


See example here:

Sprocket Options

  • Headline –  Optional sprocket headline that is displayed on the public page.
  • Headline Link – Add link to any of these: content, locations, pages, tags, sections/subsection, external URLs.
  • Description – Sprocket descriptive text that appears in the public page below the headline. 
  • Display – Choose the display type for your products: List, Gallery or Slider.
  • Type – Automatic or Curated.
  • Count – Input the number of products to display. (automatic)
  • Ordered By – Ordered by Title or by Creation Date. (automatic)
  • Reverse –  Reverse order by Title or by Creation Date. (automatic)
  • Collection –  Select from which of your Shopify Collections items will be displayed. (automatic)


  • Title/Notes – This is the sprocket title and info that appears only in the admin. Name your sprocket something that is obvious and descriptive. Add notes if necessary.
  • Usage  This field will indicate where the sprocket is placed within your public site.

Design & Layout

As on all Sprockets, the images will fill the available space. In the slider, the habitual grey background color will not be visible on the Shopify Sprocket.


How to set up your Shopify Storefront Access Token

In order to display products from your Shopify collections on your Metro Publisher website, you will first have to get a Storefront Access Token for your Shopify account.

  1. First you must have an active Shopify account with published products available for purchase.  
  2. Log in to the admin area for your Shopify account, and click on the option Apps > Develop Apps.


  3. Then, Create an app.


  4. Then, click Configure Storefront API scopes.


  5. Select these two configuration options and hit Save.

    [√] authenticated_read_product_listings
    [√] authenticated_read_product_inventory


  6.  Then, under API Credentials > Install App.


  7. Now, copy the Storefront API access token


  8. Go to your Metro Publisher work site and log in as an Admin > 3rd Party > Shopify. Input your Shopify store name and Storefront API access token. 

That's it. Now your Shopify Sprockets will connect with your product collections to display products on your Metro Publisher website.


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