Buttons Sprocket


Use this sprocket to give readers another way to find special features or services provided on your site.


See an example of this sprocket in action.

Sprocket Options

  • Headline –  Optional sprocket headline that is displayed on the public page.
  • Description – Sprocket descriptive text that appears in the public page below the headline. 
  • Add Buttons – Choose button types and set where they link to. These buttons by default layout horizontally on desktop but stack on mobile screen sizes.


  • Title/Notes – This is the sprocket title and info that appears only in the admin. Name your sprocket something that is obvious and descriptive. Add notes if necessary.
  • Usage  This field will indicate where the sprocket is placed within your public site.

Design & Layout

  • Multiple Buttons can be ordered via drag & drop
  • Buttons will line up next to each other according to Sprocket width, and then stack
  • When no title is added, the Buttons will line up with the tops of the Sprockets on either side
  • With a title, the top border and title will line up with the adjacent Sprockets
  • Follows the Design Center "buttons" edit item, plus "flourishes" for shape
  • Pro clients can have custom classes (dropdown on right in edit page)


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