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Our goal at Metro Publisher is to help our clients succeed by providing the best possible balance between user-friendliness and efficient website performance under the hood. 

This commitment allows you as the publisher to focus on providing quality content and taking advantage of the Metro Publisher features best suited for your audience.

If you are a Google Search Console user, you will occasionally receive messages with suggestions for performance or SEO improvements.

We have taken the time to decipher and explain Google's PageSpeed Insights report in particular, since it tends to cause some confusion or even unnecessary concern for users: PageSpeed Insights.

An additional help document that goes into more detail about the Core Web Vitals section of the PageSpeed report is located here: Core Web Vitals Google Report.

For clients looking into Google Accelerated Mobile Pages we have outlined the pros and cons here: Google AMP.

NOTE: Site performance is often thought to be equivalent to SEO, which is simply not correct.

Performance guidelines issued by Google do not appear as factors in their own web developer SEO validation reports. A site with a poor performance score by Google's metrics can, and often does, score highly for SEO.

Please take the time to review our help documents on Search Engine Optimization in order to understand what Metro Publisher ensures and how you as a publisher can apply our tools for SEO purposes: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Metro Publisher


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