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As a publisher, you want to offer high quality, affordable content to your readers while also generating revenue with the help of ads and sponsored content.

With Metro Publisher, we help you do both by providing integrations and other tools to simplify your workflow while offering revenue opportunities to advertisers that create income for you.

We have ad serving integrations with both Google Ad Manager and Broadstreet so that you can choose which provider works best for you. You can, of course, use other services or even just add images linking to an external website if you don't require analytics information for your advertising clients.

We can even assist you with setting up programmatic advertising.


Here is a list of useful articles explaining how to get started and helping you make the most of your advertising space:

Ad Serving & Sales

Should you choose to go with Google Ad Manager as an ad server, we have a crash course for you here:

GAM Basics Tutorial

General tips and information about additional Metro Publisher features for sponsored content options you can sell to advertisers are located here:

Sponsored Content

In addition, we have integrations with other services to help you manage your advertising success and build revenue with affiliate IDs, among other options:

3rd Party - Analytics & Revenue

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