Connect My Site to Social Media

NOTE: All the options below for connecting your site with social media require Admin user role permissions. You must be logged in to your worksite as Admin to adjust social media settings.


Metro Publisher allows you to add links to your publication's own social media presences, and to embed your publication's Twitter Feed.

You can also add share buttons to your content, either with code from a third-party provider such as ShareThis, or add only Facebook Like and Share options on content with the help of our Facebook integration, if you prefer.

In addition, we provide fields for social media streams or links on the edit pages for Locations, meaning you can connect readers to the social media profiles of your listed businesses, if you wish.


Social Media Icons for Your Own Publication

You can place icons linking to your own publication's social media presences into the footer of your Metro Publisher site by following the instructions here: Header & Footer.


Share Buttons as Widgets on Content

Sharing options can also be added to your Metro Publisher website so that social media sharing buttons will appear above and/or below every content type piece.

Services such as ShareThis provide so-called widget code which you then enter into the fields provided in your Content Settings. To do so, you must log in with Admin user role permissions and can then follow the instructions provided here: Social Media Widgets / Share Buttons. Instructions on how to add such share button widgets to self-coded Pages are also in that help article.

PLEASE NOTE: The popular third party service AddThis is ceasing all service as of May 31, 2023 and is requesting that its users remove all AddThis related code from their websites by that date!


Facebook Like & Share Buttons on Content

To allow Facebook Like & Share buttons from Facebook directly, rather than a third-party sharing service, you must activate our integration by following the instructions here: Facebook Settings

Facebook Comments on Content are also part of our integration.


Social Media Links on Locations/Businesses

In Metro Publisher, you can add direct links to social media profiles of companies or venues you list as Locations on your site.


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