Hyperlinking Images


Sometimes you might wish to post an image on one of your web pages that includes a hyperlink leading readers to an outside website.

To do so, you can wrap the image in an <a> link tag using the following HTML template in the text editor:

<a href="https://link-to-target-website" target="_blank"><img src="https://metropublisher.com/downloads/12345/download/picture.jpg" style="width: 100%" /></a>


To enter that code, click on the Insert Media button and then on Embed button in the popup window:



Some tips:

  • To make your life easier, shorten your image image file names and remove all spaces such as those in something like "Metro Publisher Picture" as spaces aren't spaces in URLs, they're converted to code such as %20.
  • target="_blank" will open the outside website, i.e. the target website, in a new browser tab when it is clicked. Remove this part of the code if you'd rather have that website open in the same browser tab the reader is currently on.
  • style="width: 100%" will make the linked image responsive, so that it will resize on mobile devices.
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