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Event Calendars

In Metro Publisher, you can add Event Calendars that are searchable by date or date range, with or without the option for readers to upload their own events to your system for your approval.




Adding and Editing Event Calendars

To add an Event Calendar Sprocket you must be signed in as Admin or Editor, navigate to the Sprockets tab of your dashboard and then select the blue "Add" button at the bottom of the window.

Below is an example of the Event Calendar Sprocket edit page:



  1. Headline: This is a dynamic text headline that will appear at the top of the sprocket if no headline image is used. Example 01 above shows where the text header appears. If no headline image is used, then the text that you put into the 'Headline' field will appear in the sprocket as a text header.

  2. # of Items to Display: Type in the number of events that should appear for each day. This affects the vertical height of the sprocket.

  3. Event Search: Select the Event Search you would like use from which to pull events. There is a one to one relationship between Event Sprockets and event Search Pages.

    For example, if you would like to create a sprocket that searches all events in your city or region, you must first create an event search page that is set to all event categories with an appropriate map zone for the entire city or region.

    However, if you would like to create a sprocket that just shows, say, only Film events in the North Beach neighborhood in San Francisco, then you must first create an event search page with a map zone for the North Beach neighborhood and select only the event category 'Film.'

  4. Title: This is the sprocket title that is displayed in the admin. Name your sprocket something that is obvious and descriptive.

  5. Notes / Internal Description: Descriptive text that appears only in the admin.

  6. Usage: Displays a list of locations on your site where the Sprocket has been placed

Please note: if you do not upload an image for a particular Event, the image from that Event's Location will be displayed, as long as you have the "Show Thumbnail" checkbox activated. Should the Location not have an uploaded image, no image will be displayed.

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