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The Metro Publisher CMS has several user-friendly search features:

  • Site-wide Global Search 
        • Metro Publisher Native Site-wide Search
        • Google Programmable Search Engine (formerly Google Custom Search Engine)
  • Locations Searches
  • Event Searches
  • Content Searches

Site-wide Search

If you wish to offer your readers the option to search your entire online publication for keywords, you can add one of our global site search options.

Such a search box will always be positioned at the upper right-hand corner of your pages.


1. Metro Publisher Native Site Search

We built our own search feature when Google no longer offered an easy, paid, ad-free version of Google Custom Search Engine (CSE).

This search matches keywords while balancing for performance and also considering the publication date of the respective content (articles, locations, events).

To add Metro Publisher's Native Site Search Engine to your site, please follow the instructions here: Sitewide Search Tool.


2. Google Programmable Search Engine

Metro Publisher also features an integration with Google's site-wide search option as part of our general third-party apps.

To add Google PSE to your site, please follow the guidelines here: Google Programmable Search Engine.


Location Searches

One of our special features is searchable locations such as restaurants, summer camps, places to go out, stores, and any other businesses of the same or different types with many filter options you can choose to adapt your searches to your audience. This feature also includes maps and search engine optimization.

These searches can also be used to generate digital revenue via our Business Directory Add-on, which allows you to create paid business listings-only searches.

To add such a search, you must first add locations, i.e. businesses, to your admin backend and then create Location Searches for those places. Read more about about how locations can and should be used to cater to your readers' interests: Metro Publisher Locations.


Event Searches

Another special feature we offer is searchable events by date or date range, or via type of event, which can even be map-based. These searches can include virtual events or you can create searches for virtual-only events, if you wish.

Your readers can also submit their own events to your system, if you wish: User-submitted Events.

To add such a search, you must first add events to your admin backend and then create Event Searches for them. Read more about how events and event searches can and should be used to cater to your readers' interests here: Metro Publisher Events.


Content Searches

Our Content Searches are a step up from site-wide searches, since they also allow your readers to filter by tags and categories, including persons, thanks to our "This Tag is a Person" option when you create tags. You can select from articles, reviews, and recipes as the content type for the search to be displayed as a list or grid by date modified or published.

To set up a Content Search you must have Editor role permissions: Editor > Content > Content Searches.

Read more on setting up a Content Search, e.g. a Recipe Search here: Content Searches for Readers.

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