Create a Navigation Menu


NOTE: You have to have the correct User Role Permissions in order to build a menu. Only Site Owners and Admins can create and edit the website structure that becomes the navigation menu of the website.


In Metro Publisher, landing pages for navigation menu items are called "sections". In other words, your Metro Publisher website is divided into sections, one of which is the Homepage.

You can name those sections freely, and they will automatically be displayed as the horizontal (desktop) and vertical fold-out (mobile) navigation menu of your magazine.

For example, a magazine dedicated to trends and things to do in a particular city may have a navigation menu like this:


Home  Local News Going Out Events Businesses Kids Corner Lifestyle


You can also create so-called subsections, which will be nested under the main menu items on your site. For example, a "Going Out" section may include submenu items such as "Food & Drink", "Concerts", "Movies", "Theater", etc.

Please refer to our help documents on sections in Metro Publisher for details on setting up your site navigation: Site Structure.



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