The Editor User Role

Once you log in to your Metro Publisher dashboard via go.metropublisher.com you will see the Editor features tabs at the top right of your screen. There is some overlap with the features Admins have access to:




Editors are responsible for overseeing and publishing all Content. Managing Content Presentation & Layouts is also part of their daily tasks. This includes changing the state of Content from "draft" to "published" and vice versa. They can also create new Layouts for Sections (but not create or delete Sections) and monitor Comments.

Permissions of an Editor include:

  • Edit Sections/Subsections, including Homepage
  • Add, Edit, and Delete all Content Types
  • Add, Edit, and Delete Locations & Locations (Business) Searches
  • Add, Edit, and Delete Events & Event Searches
  • Add, Edit, and Delete Reviews, Recipes & Roundups
  • Add, Edit, and Delete Freeform Pages
  • Add, Edit, and Delete Files, e.g. Images & PDFs
  • Edit Sprockets
  • Export Content, e.g. for Print
  • Edit and Reply to Comments
  • Subscribe to RSS Notifications for Editors


For more information on the features Editors have access to, please visit our respective help articles:

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