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For clients using Metro Publisher's Directory Add-on, there are now configurable options to display sponsored events in your event calendars. With a highlighted appearance, sponsored events provide publishers yet another tool for promoting advertisers. 


Details of Sponsored Events:

  1. Special styling anywhere that content appears.
  2. Display up to five sponsored events at top and/or right on event searches.
  3. Filter option to take the users search behavior into account.
  4. Pro users can customize the look and feel.



How does it work?

Making a Sponsored Event

If you have the Directory Add-on, there is an additional option on the edit page for any event. On the right rail you will see this check box to make an event "Sponsored:"

All you have to do is check the box and click "Save."


Displaying Sponsored Events on Event Searches

Like Directory Search Pages, Event Search Pages include an option to display sponsored events preferentially in search results.


NOTE: While it is possible to display up to 5 sponsored events above and to the right of the content, we do not recommend filling both. A "featured" event is less impactful when the entire area above the fold area is crowded with ads. The 5 slots both above and to the right of the content are filled randomly, so you may also observe duplicate ads if you fill both positions.

You can add value for your customers by displaying paid advertisers using landing pages and Sprockets, as well. 

Details of Sponsored Events:

  1. Display up to five sponsored events at top of event search.
  2. Display up to five sponsored events in the right rail of event search.
  3. Filter Sponsored Events – This option will show only sponsored events that match the tags used by the user to filter through event listings.

Pro users can customize the design additionally.



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