Import, Export, & Update via the API


It is possible to import/export/update batches of items (locations, tags, files) in the file center using the API:

In order to do that, the developer will need to request the API credentials from the account holder, who is responsible for any actions taken with the API account on the live site. The account holder has to add an API user via the admin and pass the two credentials ("key" and "secret") to the developer. The account holder will also communicate to the developer the "instance id" of the site.

Note that for most actions (delete, modify) a "super user" role is required. The access is valid only for the specific instance. Since it is a very powerful role, it must be used carefully.

It is suggested that you first test any API script with one content piece, and then run it for all items once the result has been verified on the live site. Note that the API is idempotent, so that, if you keep track of the UUIDs, you can track the modified items and revert your insert/update actions when needed.

Here you can find some examples of usage of the API:

In particular, for files import/export, there are some additional examples here:

For more information about the API, you can speak directly to the API development team via the Metro Publisher API group.

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