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For assistance with your search engine optimization (SEO) in Metro Publisher, we are providing you with Google's general SEO guide as well as our SEO Advanced Training presentation from 2015, which is still up-to-date.

Google also provides a support document here, that is very similar to their PDF document attached to this article: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide

We also highly recommend using Metro Publisher Roundups, which were designed specifically to boost your SEO: SEO with Location Roundups

Please note that "People-First" Content outweighs technical aspects of SEO for Google ranking: Creating helpful, reliable, people-first content (Google recommendations).

It has always been the case that quality content that isn't duplicated elsewhere on the web and isn't full of repeated keywords (keyword stuffing) along with inbound links from popular, reputable sites are the largest factor for ranking highly with search engines.

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