Customizing Date & Time Format


In the Settings/Date & Time - you'll find a place where you can enter in your own format for the date and time. Just to clarify, we have 3 formats; datetime, date, and time, because in some instances the date and time are bound together (datetime), and other instances they're separate (date and/or time).

Below is a quick Babel cheat sheet on how to build your own date and time format. Metro Publisher supports the full Babel 

Date Formats

EEE 3-letter day
EEEE Full day name
d # day of the month
dd 2-digit # day of the month
M # of month
MM 2-digit # of month
MMM 3-letter name of month
MMMM full month name
yyyy complete year
yy 2-digit year

Time Formats

H 24-hour clock
h 12-hour clock
mm minute
a AM or PM



Below are some samples of how you could change the format for April 1, 2007 at 1:30 in the afternoon:

EEE, MMM d, 'yy h:mma  --->  Sun, Apr 1, '07 1:30pm

yyyy.MM.dd 'at' HH:mm:ss  --->   2007.04.01 at 13:30:00

MM/dd/yy h:mma   ---> 04/01/07  1:30pm

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