Selling Media Packages to Advertisers


Telling Your Story To Advertisers

For publishers and media companies, it's difficult to make a sale if you can't tell a compelling and consistent story about why people would want to buy advertising from you. This is particularly true for selling online media to print advertisers



Making Advertising Easy to Buy

In this episode, we explain steps a publishing or media company can take to make it easier for advertisers to buy online, social media and traditional print advertising



How Barcelona Metropolitan Sells Media Packages

In order to make advertising easy to buy, Barcelona Metropolitan offers media packages. The packages take the wide array of advertising offers that are available, and present them in a format that is easy to buy. It’s important to present the offerings in a simple way, so that advertisers aren’t overwhelmed with possibilities. Here Esther Jones, the publisher of Barcelona Metropolitan Magazine, walks us through how they sell media packages.


Sample Media Packages

We have attached a sample of media packages as a ZIP file to this article to help you generate ideas for increasing your online revenue.


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