Tips for Featuring Advertisers with the Directory Add-On


In this episode, Michael explains some great ways to feature advertisers.

One important feature in Metro Publisher that you can use to your advantage is the Business Directory Add-on. It has listings for local business that are often paid advertisements, and readers can easily browse it by using filters or searching for keywords. This makes it a very user-friendly tool for readers to find the local businesses you are promoting.

Publishers can also direct readers to pre-filtered search results within the Directory, that feature various advertisers. One unique and effective way to do this is to create a Section page that contains various visually appealing Sprockets. These Sprockets, which are standard and easy to set up, can link to the results for popular search terms people use in the directory.

You can also create Sprockets that feature specific Directory listings of advertisers, and these can be integrated into many pages on your site. This is not only a useful and compelling experience for your readers, but it also creates more flow to the paid directory listings of your advertisers.


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