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Paid Content Ad Sales

Media companies are generating major revenue from paid content online. But, where do you start? Watch for quality advice on getting your paid content program started on the right foot.



Simple Sponsored Content

Advertisers are always looking for ways to be a part of your website, and a great way to do that is with content that not only promotes advertisers, but is compelling for readers. In Metro Publisher, creating a piece of content of type “review” is a simple and effective way to connect rich content with an advertiser's listing and location data. Here Michael walks us through the process creating a review, as well as some simple and effective ways to link to this sponsored content, including the use of a sponsored content sprocket.



Sponsored Videos

Video can be a great revenue source for media companies. Learn ways to use sponsored videos to increase ROI for your advertisers and boost your overall media sales goals and grow your online revenue.



Advanced Sponsored Content

Sponsored content comes in many shapes and sizes. This video showcases a more advanced example that can be used by magazine or newspaper publishers.


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