Adding SSL to your website


Metro Publisher now includes an easy way to encrypt your site (SSL).

1. To turn SSL on for your Metro Publisher site, the account owner should go to:


  • Click "More"
  • Then, click "Site Settings"



2. On the Site Settings page is listed the various options for HTTPS:



HTTPS Only – This is the optimal setting and on by default for all new clients.

  • NOTE: Once an SSL certificate is issued (most of the time within a day) users are redirected from HTTP to HTTPS.

HTTP and HTTPS – Users are not redirected at all.

  • NOTE: This is only useful as an intermediate step towards HTTPS so clients can test HTTPS without having the real users see much breakage.

HTTP Only – Your website will redirect users from HTTPS to HTTP.

  • NOTE: This option is really ONLY for clients whose websites don't work properly under HTTPS, the most common cause of this is if they have external resources (e.g. javascript) referenced via HTTP urls. All old clients have this automatically to prevent breakage.


NOTE: If you have SSL activated on your site, iframes from non-encrypted sources will not work. You should check with the specific third party service to see if they have an HTTPS source for that same page.


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