Fixing a Failed Payment


If you have received an email from Vanguardistas ( regarding a Failed Payment, you'll need to go to the Metro Publisher Service Dashboard to make a manual payment. 


1. Log into Metro Publisher: 

  • By going to 
  • Or by switching to your role as an ADMIN and clicking the link "Billing & Account Management" (pictured above)

    NOTE: Only an account owner can update the credit card.



2. Then, Click on the button that says "Pay Outstanding Invoices" for the corresponding account.



3. Next, you'll see the list of outstanding invoices. Click on the link that says "Pay This."



4. Click the button that says "Use Another Card" to make a manual payment with another credit card.



5. Once clicking that option, a pop-up will appear where you'll be able to enter the new credit card to be used to manually pay the outstanding invoice(s). 

NOTE: If your credit needs to be updated for your monthly automated billing, you will still need to do that IN ADDITION to manually paying the outstanding invoice(s).


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