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This admin page allows you to add links to the header and footer of your website.


The Admin is responsible for adding and deleting links in the header and footer. In the header and footer you can add:

  • Add an icon for the global RSS feed
  • Add social media icons with links to your social media sites
  • Copyright information
  • Links to other parts of your website or to external URLs



  1. RSS Feed Icon
    Insert links into your header here. You may link to any sections or content within your site as well as external URLs.

  2. Social Media Title
    Here you can add a text title to the social media icons, something like: Follow Us. This is completely optional.

  3. Social Media
    If you have social media pages with Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter or YouTube, link to those here. If you fill in the field with an URL, the appropriate social media icon will appear automatically.

    NOTE About Google+: If you put in the complete URL for your Google+ account, Metro Publisher will generate the proper link to use for your website verification required when you set up your Google+ account. The result is that by adding the Google+ icon you are also allowing your website to be verified by Google.

    Example Link:

  4. Copyright
    Add your copyright info here. This will appear in the footer below.

  5. Header and Footer Links
    At the top of the page within the header and at the bottom of the page within the footer, you can insert several text links. You may link to any sections or content within your site as well as external URLs.
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