Preview your work and publish it LIVE


If you are a PRO client, when you arrive the main landing page for the Design Studio, you'll see several parts, like Edit CSS, Manage Images, Upload Design, Download Design, and lastly Preview.

Clicking "Preview Your Design" button it will launch a new window with a preview of your homepage. What you see in this Preview window  reflects CSS edits you've made but not published. At the top of the window you'll see an Preview/Update URL field and a "Publish this Design" button. 

You can use the URL field to go to a specific page on your site. Here are some tips how to use that field:

  • "/food-dining" will take you to your Food and Dining section
  • "/articles/sample-article" will take you to the article titled Sample Article

Once you're happy with how things are looking, click "Publish this Design" to activate the most current CSS edits on your public site.

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