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1. Home Title

For old 7-day homepage - This is the Page Title that will appear in most browsers on your site's homepage. This should be the name of your magazine or your website followed by your tagline.

2. Meta Description

For old 7-day homepageThe meta description appears in the search results of popular search engines. This should be a clear and concise description of what your site contains.

3. Meta Keywords

For old 7-day homepageMeta keywords are descriptive keywords used by some search engines to help understand and rank your page relevance. They should be words that actually appear in the content of your site. For more information, read about meta elements here.

*On the new Homepage section editor, you can put the Title, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords right in the section editor.



Home Title and Meta Information as they appear in most browsers


4. Contact Email Addresses

This is the email(s) to which you want to receive inquiries via the contact form on the "Contact Us" page. For multiple emails, use a comma to separate.


5. Site Name

The Site Name appears in the browser as an appendage to the Page Title. The Site Name should be the name of your magazine or your magazine's web address (URL). This will be added to all pages throughout your site automatically by Metro Publisher (except for the homepage).

The Page Title (together with the Site Name) is important aspect of your page ranking on search engines. In Metro Publisher, the Page Title is automatically generated by the section or article name followed by the Site Name.

Example Structure:

  • Page Title = Section Name/Article Name – Site Name

Neapolitan Family has a section called "Naples Family Events."  As a result, Metro Publisher will automatically insert the Page Title followed by the Site Name. The result will look like this:

  • Page Title = Naples Family Events – Neapolitan Family


Page Title and Site Name as they appear in most browsers


6. Site Short Name

The short name is a simple acronym for your site that will be added to all your ad slots for Google™ DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). It is a simple identifier for your ad inventory.

For example, the homepage leaderboard ad for City Magazine (CMG) which is 728 pixels by 90 pixels looks like this:

  • CMG_homepage_leaderboard_top_728x90

In this example, the site short name for City magazine is CMG. This is inserted automatically into all ad slots exported for Google Ad Manager™.


7. Open External Links in New Tab

This option determines whether links to external URLs open in a  new tab in your readers' browser. By marking this option yes, your website will be kept open in your readers' browser even if they have navigated away from your site via an external link.

If you have other sites with different domain names and would like them to open in the same window, you can add those domains as an exception here.

NOTE: It is not necessary to put "http://" here.




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