Inserting Custom Forms in Pages


There are several data collection applications available that help you gather information from your audience. For most of these services, the paid service levels give you a chance to customize and brand your forms as well as landing pages upon form submission. The beauty of embedding the form through Pages is that your form will appear within the Metro Publisher page structure. Here are some examples of ones we've discovered.

In most of these services you have an option to embed the form, be it a survey, poll or questionnaire. It will either be Javascript or full HTML.

Here is an example from FormStack

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><noscript><a href="" title="Online Form">Online Form - Contact Us</a></noscript>

  1. Once your form is created/saved, grab the embed code.
  2. Go to Pages and create a new page (for this example we'll choose Template HTML option).
  3. Switch to "Source" mode, and paste in the embed code and save.
  4. View your page, test the form, and make any necessary edits.

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