Adding a new page with the same design as the rest of the site


Creating a new page using Template HTML type

  1. Click "Add Page"
  2. Type in the Title. This text will be the main (h1) title as well as the meta-title for the page.
  3. Enter the file name. The file name is also the URL for the page, so keep that in mind when you're setting it. Good rule of thumb is to try not to have spaces and the .html extension is optional.
  4. Click "Add Page" to save the new page you just created and continue to put in its contents.
  5. Once it is saved, you'll see 2 new elements on the page: the Section pulldown and the text editor box with a full toolbar.
  6. If you want to put your page in a Section/Subsection you can select it in the pulldown. The URL for your new page will include the section and subsection - something like this:
    • The new page will inherit ads and sprockets from the section/subsection its assigned to
    • The new page will inherit ads and sprockets from the homepage if it's not in a section/subsection
  7. Now you can put in the contents of the page. You have the choice editing this content with the text editor tools or through the source code.
Here's more on linking to Pages.
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