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Metro Publisher automatically generates RSS feeds for all your sections, subsections, and tags/topics pages. These RSS feeds can be useful for a variety of purposes: your readers may use them to automatically receive updates when new content is published on your site, you may also use them for third party services such as newsletter automation. RSS is a standard web format, but how you use them is up to you.

Below you'll also find instructions how to activate and access full-text RSS feeds to help with syndication.

Site Wide RSS

Your site contains feeds that include all new content published to your website.


NOTE: To turn site-wide RSS links off, navigate to Admin > Settings > Header & Footer.



Content Excluding Events

The url is your domain appended with: /api/rss/content.rss

Example: feed://


Content Including Events

The url is your domain appended with: /api/rss/all.rss

Example: feed://

Sections and Subsections


To find the RSS feeds go to your public website:

  1. Sections: For section pages you can find the RSS link to the right of the Featured Stories header.
  2. Subsections: For subsection pages you can find the RSS link to the right of the Featured Stories header.
  3. Tags/Topics: Any tag you create automatically creates a topic page. Each topics page has an RSS feed link which is to the right of the title.

Full Text RSS

There is a checkbox in the General Settings area where you can activate the full-text versions of all RSS feeds. Log in as Admin and navigate to Settings > General.


This can be useful for syndicating your content to other entities. Once the checkbox is activated, these RSS feeds will be available.

* Where you see this, your domain or section replace it with your corresponding information.

  • RSS for just content, no events:
    feed:https://your domain/api/rss/content_full.rss

  • RSS for content & events:
    feed:https://your domain/api/rss/all_full.rss

  • RSS for all content for a given section:
    feed:https://your domain/section/index_full.rss

  • RSS for all content for a given subsection:
    feed:https://your domain/section/subsection/index_full.rss

  • RSS for all content for a given tag:
    feed:https://your domain/topics/tag/index_full.rss

  • RSS for all events in a given event search:
    feed:https://your domain/search/event/event search/index_full.rss

  • RSS for events with an offset of X days from today:
    feed:https://your domain/search/event/event search/day/# of days offset/index_full.rss
    ex: for a search 3 days from today ---> /search/event/my-event-search/day/3/index_full.rss
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