Working with Images


General Overview

NOTE: We've recently introduced a sophisticated new system for resizing images responsively. The current image file size limit is 5 mb. Find out more.

Images are essential to any website. We'd like to give you some tips on making images work well for you.

If an image is too large for the position in which it will be used, Metro Publisher will automatically re-size the image to the proper dimensions. The minimum width that you will need for an image used in any of these placements is 1024 pixels wide.

TIP: If you start off with a landscape oriented image that is at least 1024 x 768 pixels, it will re-size appropriately throughout your site.


Recommendations for Working with Images

1. Use the biggest image that you can

  • When you upload images to Metro Publisher, upload a large file that has (at least) the minimum width appropriate for your design but which is no more than 5 mb in size. This will allow the same image to be used anywhere throughout your site without requiring you or your editors to re-size or re-crop your images. Metro Publisher will automatically re-size them in the context of where they appear on your site.

2. Landscape images are best

  • Using landscape images allows your images to resize perfectly throughout your website.

3. For slideshows, crop your images the same size

  • Generally speaking, make sure that the slides in your slideshows are cropped at the same size. This provides a nicer and smoother experience for your readers.

4. Always check your work

  • NEVER add new content, upload images or publish without previewing your work. It takes only a few seconds to check your work and helps reduce the number of errors. In the end, your website will look more professional.


Uploading Images

There are two ways to upload images to your Metro publisher work site.

1. Within a Piece of Content

  • When creating a piece of content you can you can add images and other media by clicking the "Add Media" button in the content editor. You can add single images or upload a .zip file. (Please note that you are inserting images into so-called media slots here, which do not allow for linking. Please add any links to the image description text or to the piece of content in question.

2. Directly to the File Center

  • Or you can add images directly to the file center where all of your images are centrally stored. You can add single images or upload a .zip file.

    To do that, log in as an Editor and go to "Files > Add." Then select either from either option – single or multiple files (ZIP).

NOTE: For SEO and organizational purposes it is essential that you give your images a useful filename instead of the default "IMG123456", for example!



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