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The Image Teaser Sprocket displays an image that links to a specific page or external URL. This is the simplest of sprockets and quite useful.

Image Teaser Sprocket Admin and Image Teaser Sprocket

Sprocket Attributes

  1. Link Text: This is a dynamic text headline that will appear at the top of the sprocket if the image should fail to load or non is used. You should always include an mage when using the Image Teaser Sprocket, but should you fail to add an image, this dynamic text header will appear on the public pages wherever this sprocket is placed. This text is also useful for SEO purposes.
  2. Image: Insert the image you wish to use here. This image will automatically link to whatever content or external link you add below.

    NOTE: If you do not upload an image, the Link Text field content will be displayed in its place on the public side. If you do use an image, the Link Text field content becomes the ALT Text that displays when a reader mouses over that image.

    For older themes (and designs not upgraded to our v4.0 Layout Sections) with Left and Right rails: Keep in mind that the image must be cropped properly for the space this Sprocket will be placed into. If you use a headline image, the width should be 300 pixels for the Right Rail and 225 pixels for the Left Rail on the Homepage.

    For the v4.0 Layout Sections: Your images should be 300px wide at the very least!

  3. Link To:  Add the link for your Sprocket here.  When you click "Add Link" the "Content Selector" window will appear: The "Content Selector" window is a library of your content.  Here you have the option to choose from all of your pre-existing content, slideshows, locations, and directory listings. You can also insert links to external websites.

    1. Navigation: With the Content Selector you can link to all content types within your site including links directly to slideshows, locations and external websites.
    2. Search Filter: Search by keyword and filter by content type.
    3. Select: Select one item from the list.

    External Links The Manual List Sprocket is the only Sprocket which allows you to add descriptive text and/or a thumbnail image to an external link.  As a result, the process for adding an external link is slightly different than selecting an article that already exists in your database.

    1. External Link Text: This is the link that will appear in the admin. You must input text here.

    2. External Link URL: This is the complete URL for the external link. You must include the entire URL.

  4. Title: This is the sprocket title that is displayed in the admin only. Name your sprocket something that is obvious and descriptive.
  5. Description: Descriptive text that appears only in the admin, but will not appear on your public site. You can use this field to write notes about the sprocket.
  6. Usage: This field will indicate where the sprocket is placed within your public site.
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