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Sometimes you might like to take advantage of options to outsource or automate adding new events to your site. Metro Publisher allows you to subscribe to external calendars, import CSV and iCal formatted calendars, provide options to your readers to add events themselves, and add third-party code from a service that offers calendars of interest to you.

Subscribe to external calendars

You also have the option to subscribe to event calendars from trusted sources for a specific location, which would automatically add them: Event subscriptions

Import calendars provided as CSV files

Another option you have is to download any pertinent calendars available as CSV files from trusted sources: Import CSV calendar files by converting to ICS

Have readers submit events

Most of our clients encourage their readers to submit events themselves: User-submitted events

If you'd like any of those readers you trust to be able to edit events that recur, for example, then you would need to give those persons the "Writer" user role. Then they can enter an event in your system and you would approve and publish it. They will not be able to edit published events so as not to interfere with your approval. You can change the status to draft mode whenever they need to make edits to work around that security feature: Manage user roles

Embed a third-party event calendar service

Here is our guide on adding third-party code or widgets to your site: How to add your own code or third-party scripts

If you find a third party that offers such embed code, then you can add it to your Metro Publisher site. Depending on the size you want to display, it may make sense to use a freeform HTML page: Pages overview

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