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As an alternative to Google Programmable Search Engine (Google PSE, formerly "Google Custom Search Engine"), Metro Publisher has a native search for allowing readers to find content by keyword on your website.

This search shows all results ordered by relevance first, as per web standard, and takes the publication date into account. In addition, the results are also separated out as tabs by type: Articles (including Roundups and Reviews), Events, Locations, and Tags.


Here's how to activate the native search tool.

1. Deactive PSE / CSE (if you are currently using it)

New Metro Publisher clients or existing clients who are NOT using Google PSE / CSE will already have the native search tool active. You can verify this by checking to see if there is a search field around the upper right corner of your website.

If you are using PSE / CSE, you will need to turn it off. 

To do that:

1. Login in as an Admin and go to Settings > 3rd Party > Google Programmable Search Engine.


2. Then, make sure the Search Engine ID field is blank.


2. Activate the Native Side-Wide Search under General Settings

You may need to activate our native search tool if it has not been turned on automatically, depending on which settings were configured previously, so please double check this if you make any changes to your Google PSE settings. 

To do that:

  1. Login in as an Admin and go to Settings > General.
  2. There you should check the option to "Use native search when Google CSE is off."





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