"Pinning" Content within Sprockets


As a September 2017 there is a new option on all v4.0 sprockets which is to display additional content. Although this sounds rather dull, it is a very useful feature that allows you to "pin" certain content within the flow of a sprocket.

How does it work?

On the sprocket edit page for any sprocket, you'll see this checkbox:


By checking the option to "Display additional content" you will be able to configure a second stream of stories within the same sprocket. If you have a certain stories you'd like to pin within a list sprocket, you would use this option.

For example, if you have a list sprocket showing the latest 4 stories from your "Dining" section and you wanted to promote a sponsored piece of content within the same sprocket for a certain amount of time.

The sprocket could be set up something like this:

  • Latest stories from the "Dining" section
  • Display by "Issue Date"
  • Number of stories = 4

Then you could add a second stream like this:

  • Curated – manually select the story you want to appear
  • Interval (2) – This will ensure that the story appears after every 2 existing stories. If you have only one story manually selected only one story will show.

Or, you could automate the second stream:

  • Show latest stories with the tag "Sponsored"
  • Interval (2) – This will ensure that the story appears after every 2 existing stories. This way will show any stories with the "Sponsored" tag by Issue date. If you have only one story tagged only one story will show. If you have more, they will be shown after every 2nd story until there are no more to display.





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