Auto-generated Tags Due to Metadata on Images


You may notice Tags in your system that you haven't created and don't seem to be attached to any file(s). This is particularly common if you use stock photos on your content.

Generally, Tags are created when external content has metadata in the files. Author would be an example, but so are metatags attached to photos, so if those are included in the content, then that will cause Tags to be created.

So the problem with stock images is that the companies hardcode those tags into the photo data.

Currently, the Metro Publisher system will read out any tags in the metadata at the time of the upload. Then, if it can match any tags already in the system exactly, it will not duplicate that tag by creating another one - it will basically merge the two - but will still attach it to the image. Once you save, all this is manifested in the system.

Therefore, you need to enter a tag yourself at the time of upload (= before saving) to avoid any new stock image tags.

The other option to simply delete all tags not in use in your system from the Tag Center still exists, of course. If you're uploading zip files, it is faster to just delete the auto-generated Tags.


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